JOTA / JOTI 2016

Eccleston Scout Group

What is it?

JOTA / JOTI stands for Jamboree On the Air / Internet. It is a weekend camp in which we contact other scouts from all over the world using internet chatrooms and amateur radios. We also run lots of other activities including building electronic kits, coding with the Raspberry Pi and much more.

Eccleston Scouts have done this event since 2007, however this year we have opened it up to other groups in the district, meaning we have 70+ cubs, scouts and explorers taking part!

Over the weekend of the camp we will have live updates on this page, including locations we have contacted, photos and live cams of what we're doing.

Where we have contacted so far...

Below is a map of all the people we have contacted and where they are from. There will be more to come over the weekend!